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That you, Cormoran?

Updated: Sep 11

Another non-recipe post. Can I talk to you for a moment?

Yeah, I was wondering if I could talk to you for a moment! You see, I’m not sure what other people think when they read a blog, but I always feel that I have a bond with the blogger. In many cases, I don’t know anything about them though. And I don’t even comment in their blogs. Still, I feel like this blog has connected us in some invisible way. That, for me, makes the converse true too. I feel I have a bond with my readers. With you. This post is coming from that position. I want to tell you something because I think I owe you the truth.

You read in my previous non-recipe post about my struggles. And from the infrequency of posts, I guess you’ve figured that I’m not out of the scrap yet. Apart from all the battles that were already going on, I am having a tremendous amount of leg pains! Yeah, I really feel like ‘Cormoran’!

You know him, right? You don’t? Well, Cormoran Strike is a detective, the central character of a series wrote by J.K Rowling (though she uses the pen-name Robert Galbraith here). Cormoran has only one leg, and in place of the other, he has to use a prosthesis.

You get the relevance now? Yes, he is almost always in excruciating leg pain. And I almost always feel like embodying him. There are many other similarities between us, but I’m not going there today. Don’t worry, I have both my legs intact!

So, I’m struggling with pain. A lot of it. But you know what? I do want to post more! Like really really want! I don’t like the fact that I am doing only 2 posts max per month. I’m even missing a whole month sometimes, yikes! I have to come up with a way to change that! So, I thought a lot about it and searched a lot over the internet for ideas. Finally, I was very much inspired by the blog “Avant garde vegan” by Gaz Oakley (It’s a beautiful blog, don’t forget to check it out!).

I really liked the way Gaz constructs his posts. He gives the recipe and a beautiful photo of the final dish. Though Gaz is a star and I’m only a firefly, this layout can work for me! I have tried the last few posts in this layout. It takes a lot of pressure off my mind, and my legs. And hence, I guess, eventually I will be able to post more (I hope!)

My sister told me I don’t need to justify myself about how I construct my posts. She’s right I know! But as I told you before, I always feel like I owe you a word about what’s going on at my end!

Okay then folks. Here we are. See you soon with the new look of my posts.

May you be well, may you be happy, may you enjoy ‘Fall’ (or do you like to call it ‘Autumn’?)

Light, peace and avocados; from my heart to yours!

I always love to hear from you. You’re free to comment on even this post!

* Picture courtesy Ferndale films

Comments :

4z says

9/10/2021, at 4.54 PM

I just didn't like the last book of Cormoran. Too overwhelming for me. Well wishers did warn me but me being me decided to walk a different path. And talk about living with constant pain. Oh how I wish for one day, just one day which would be different. Can't wait for the new look of yours posts.

Kris says

9/10/2021, at 8.00PM

Thank you so much 4z! I hope you'll get relief from the pain soon. Yeah, I didn't like the last book of Cormoran either! But you know, when you have started a series, you have to read all the books!

Kam -Al says

9/11/2021, at 3.36 AM

Now this is really interesting. I don't know what compelled you to justify, I find ur blog materials, though some time irregular but very honest and unusual in some way. Every new try needs time to find a niche. U have to be patient. Sounds familiar?

Kris says

9/11/2021, at 10.33AM

Kam-Al, I know what you mean! Thanks mate!

Shimiya says

9/11/2021, at 5.47 AM

Ya deserve a rest from yer pain... Nd we deserve more of these beautiful thoughtful nd soulful posts... Do carry on ❤

Kris says

9/11/2021, at 10.36AM

Thank you so much for the cheer!


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