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Strawberry basil sorbet

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

This low calory, fat free all-natural dessert is fragrant and refreshing. A perfect summer treat! Vegan, gluten free.

Hi ya’ll! How’s the week going for you? Are you enjoying the beautiful days of summer while it’s still here?

I am feeling like a jar of Planters mixed nuts you know?! A lot of emotions stirring inside, of all different shapes, sizes and flavors!

First of all, I’m quite sad about the untimely death of Chadwick Boseman. The “Black panther” lost his endgame to the Thanos of maladies! He was really a hero!

This incidence makes me realize (again!) how very uncertain the whole “life” business is! And that leads me to a philosophical state of melancholy, like ‘what is the point of everything at all?’.

Many questions raise their heads in my mind – ‘Why this year is so full of sadness?’, ‘How can you embrace uncertainty because man, you have to! There’s no other way around!’, and ‘If happiness is the by-default state of human beings, why does she act so volatile and hard to get?’

Yeah! A lot of questions and all vague answers to them! Or no answers at all! This is life, huh?

Another question came to my mind. How can I still appreciate the last days of summer? Soon the season of warmth and brightness will dissolve into a very different fall. So, what can I do to enjoy the final drops of it? Fortunately, I found an answer this time! I could make a strawberry basil sorbet! Yep!

Beautiful strawberries are so summer! And the basil I planted this spring is at the top of bounty with her stunningly fragrant leaves! Made with only 5 ingredients this sorbet is sweet-tart and aromatic. Light and refreshing and I’d say it’s the easiest dessert to make! Well, not only dessert, you can eat it as a cool treat just sitting by the pool! Or on your deck in a breezy afternoon.

You know guys, simple pleasures, like this, ground us when emotions rattle too much. They remind us that life is a little bit tart, but a little bit sweet and fragrant too, at the same time!

About the dish :

Course – Dessert / snack

Servings – 8

Difficulty level – Easy

Recipe type – Vegan, gluten free, fat free

Does it keep – Keeps in the freezer for a month or more

What you need :

3 cups frozen strawberry (You can buy fresh and freeze them yourself for 4-6 hours in the freezer, spread on a sheet pan)

1/3 cup water

1/3 cup sugar

4-5 fresh basil leaves

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

What you do :

1. First,we’re gonna make basil simple syrup. Take water, sugar and basil leaves in a sauce pan and put on medium heat.

2. When it starts to boil, reduce the heat to medium low and let it gently simmer for 1-2 minutes.

3. Remove from heat, fish the basil leaves out and cool for 10-15 minutes.

4. Add the frozen strawberries to a food processor with the ‘S’ blade attachment. You can also use a power blender.

5. Add basil syrup and vanilla extract.

6. Pulse a few times. Then blend at a high speed until it becomes smooth and slushy in texture. It’ll take almost 10-15 minutes. You’ll need to scrape the sides with a spatula a couple of times.

7. Put it in a freezer safe container and freeze for 1- 2 hour before serving.

8. To serve, dip an ice-cream scoop (or a big metal spoon) into hot water and then scoop out into your favorite dessert bowl.

Nutritional info per serving :

Calories – 59 Cal

Carbohydrate – 11 g

Protein – 1 g

Fat – 0 g

Saturated fat – 0 g

Sugar – 11 g

Sodium – 1 mg

Dietary fiber – 2 g

I will like to dedicate this post to Mr. Boseman. Salute to you King T’chala! You were so brave fighting that last battle! You’ll be remembered! Wakanda forever!!

Light, peace and avocados; from my heart to yours!

Do you have any questions? Any feedback after you’ve made it? I’d surely like to hear from you! Feel free to comment below.

Comments :

Piu says

9/6/2020, at 3.54 AM

Cool to the core both recipe and presentation❤😍👍

Kris says

9/6/2020, at 8.19 PM

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.


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