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Life, lemons and laurels

This is a non-recipe post. A “something” that I wanted you to know.

Time really flies by. A few more weeks and it will be a whole year since I started this blog! I don’t know how I’m doing as a blogger. I don’t know if I even count as a food blogger yet. What I do know is, I love to do this. I love to create, cook, take photographs and write. I know I have miles to go, and I am willing to do that, sincerely. I’ll put effort, I’ll learn and I’ll improve. That’s a promise to myself. But there is also something I wanted to tell you.

Life has been playing quite a game with me for a while now. That’s what she does, right? She wrecks your heart, makes your ‘once friends’ reject you for confessing you’re “different”. She snatches your loved ones away from you within weeks’ gap. She throws you into the chaos of mental illnesses and insanities. She keeps throwing one curveball after another to your face. Life does this with everyone, one way or another. I’m not claiming I’m any special! Life comes with bushels of lemons. And I know, that’s how it is.

But you know what? She comes, with crates of laurels too!

While going through all these ringers, I’m learning many things. I’m learning to sit with difficult emotions. I’m learning to process trauma and forgotten abuses. I’m learning to accommodate grief, fear and agony in my heart as equals to love, joy or happiness. Very slowly, but still, I think I am healing.

The thing is, this takes a lot! Trying to climb up the downward escalator of mental health? Trust me, it takes massive efforts. And energy! Somedays I feel excited about what recipes to come up with. Or, how the composition of the photos will be like. And somedays I can barely pick myself up off the floor and make me just survive the day. Again, I know that’s how it is. And it’s okay!

I am writing this whole post just because I wanted to be honest with you, my dear readers. I think that a blog is just not recipes, or photos, or knitting patterns, or workouts (depending upon what type of blog it is)! People could search in books or certain websites for those! In my perception, a blog is more than that. It’s a bond in a different level, more nearness, more friendship, more authentic connections. I had to be honest with you!

I intend to post one recipe every week; and celebrate all the occasions throughout the year, through food. Like, I wanted to do a sufganiyot (jelly donut) for the Hanukkah, then some really special desserts for Christmas and the New Year’s Eve and so on. But I don’t know if I can manage, pal!

Because of many issues, physical and otherwise, I move a bit slower than average people. Making a post in a jiffy is not what I am capable of doing!

I confess to you here today, my dear reader, if it’s a day I can float, I will put all efforts to create and post. If you see posts are missing on some weeks, know that I’m sinking on those.

This blog is a thing of love to me. And I never want obligation to come and make a nest here. I’m sure you’ll agree to me too.

So, that was it. My honest letter to you about me. I know it won’t add any glamor to my blog or myself. But at the point of life I have reached now, honesty and authenticity matters way more than anything else to me!

Enjoy the holiday season friends. Have a really merry time. We’ll be in touch.

Light, peace and avocados; from my heart to yours!

I always love to hear from you. You’re free to comment on even this post!


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